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The History of Rainbow Beach – home of Bluewater Lodges

Rainbow Beach the cradle of Bluewater Lodges is a peaceful breathtakingly beautiful stretch of the Queensland coast. It was originally known as “Back Beach” when it was first gazetted in 1969.    Its around 240 kilometres from Brisbane and 75 from Gympie.   A dream environment for holiday makers, photographers, surfers and anyone who appreciates beauty, nature and peace.   A pristine beach sweeps around from Double Island Point past coffee Rock toward Inskip Point.  A barge takes you to heritage listed Fraser Island.  Bush infringes right to the sand beach in most places apart from where the sleepy little tourist town emerges on the stunning water views. The early inhabitants of the area were the Kabi Tribe and from their stories, they spoke of Yiningie, the spirit of the Gods, who was represented by a rainbow. Yiningie was killed in a fight when he crashed into the cliffs, collapsing after his battle  and his spirits coloured the sands forever.

Science tells us that the rare mineral deposits leached iron oxides and dyes from the  native plant life, that encroaches right to the beach.

In the mid 70’s tourism and fishing became the main priorities with this little town that previously had been a service centre for the sand mining industry.  Conservation realised the native beauty and diversity of the area and it has been appreciated for its value ever since.  Rainbow Beach is the gateway to Fraser, Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, Double Island Point and has become a mecca for four wheel drive enthusiasts who are able to drive along the beach and camp.

There’s around 1,000 permanent residents but it fills with over 70,000 tourists a year and its not difficult to understand why.  As a destination for a residential investment, Rainbow Beach and Bluewater lodges is the smart choice for beachfront investment property.

The Rainbow Beach Investment Lifestyle

The Rainbow Beach Lifestyle is laid back, fishing, bush walking, golf course, restaurants.  Close by you can go scuba diving, skydiving, surfing 4 wheel driving, go watch the dolphins being fed just a short drive away or take a leisurely trip to World Heritage Listed Fraser Island.    Who wouldn’t want to live here!   The views are stunning, and homes are metres from white sandy beaches.  Living in Rainbow is private and relaxed, Ideal for couples or families to stretch out and find their own piece of this paradise.

Rainbow boasts a shopping area that has everything you could need, but remains small to keep the local and friendly feeling of this beachside retreat.  Ecologically it really is a unique and pristine environment.  There’s a network of bush tracks as well long stretches of sandy beach.  The fishing is great and there are charter trips available or you could try rock fishing off double island point.  Living here is not just an investment in a home, its an investment in a lifestyle.

Diversity of Design at Bluewater Lodges Rainbow Beach

You need to put your money into high return investments.  You can invest in these well built beachside homes and  let them out to holiday makers as Rainbow Beach  is a popular tourist destination.

The properties are managed by the Mantra group and built by Ausmark Homes.  There  is a great range of design diversity by the beach incorporating the stunning views and ocean breezes.

You aren’t locked into ordinary suburban living or design.  Projected returns are around $30,000 per annum currently!

If you need more reasons to come and take a peek at BlueWater Lodges Rainbow Beach Investment Properties, contact us, we can answer all your questions.

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Investing in Beach Property with Bluewater Lodges Rainbow Beach

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of Paradise.   Investing in property near white sand beaches, rainbow coloured cliffs, and crystal clear water?  Investing in beachfront property produces higher growth rates because its so desirable and a unique lifestyle opportunity.

Demand for these investment properties at Rainbow Beach  is always high because of limited supply.   You can find your dream here at bluewater lodges both in terms of living a lifestyle thats unique in a pristine environment as well as the  investment potential.

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